Authentic Collector Police Badges

Police Collector Badge Company has a variety of authentic and authorized badges for sale to badge collectors. Every *limited edition badge offered in our ‘Collector’ section is an authentic duty badge that is accompanied with written department permission to posses the badge. Each and every limited edition badge is one hundred percent Department issued equipment.

All limited edition badges offered to collectors:

  • Are Accompanied by a written certification of badge authenticity signed by Department Head.
  • Are AUTHENTIC issue duty badges (in very small limited edition.)
  • Are manufactured to Lawman Badge quality and craftsmanship standards.
  • All badge are NOT Department Issue*

*Texas Range badges are NOT Department issue but replicas of Ranger badges from the 1960’s. Made from 5 Peso silver pieces.

The Lawman Badge Company sells these POLICE BADGES for collectors! We do not authorize any unlawful use of these badges and you should check your local regulations regarding the possession and/or displaying of law enforcement badges prior to making your purchase.

“All Federal, State, and local regulations regarding the possession of law enforcement badges must be adhered to at all times.” WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

Our Product Line Includes: